Model NO.        

 Resin Volume   

 Tank Size   

   Max Capacity     


1.0 CF

9" x 48"

32000 grain


1.5 CF

10" x 54"

48000 grain


2.0 CF

12" x 52"

64000 grain


AS series water-softening system filters and softens household water using 4 layers filtering medias. It removes harmful substances and smell of water. Water flow and cleaning time of the system can be set based on the sizes of the family and house.

System idle mode during vacations will reduce operational costs and energy.

  • Save 3/4 detergents
  • Save 17% to 30% gas consumption and hydro expense
  • Leave skin soft and smooth, and prevent aging
  • Soften hair with shining
  • Prevent skin cancer